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  • carolhazel
    carolhazel Member, Voices_Guest
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    Good evening, came across the website while researching. Confused about how to get started. I have no recordings or equipment. Don't know how to get started. Can anyone advise me?

  • @carolhazel Hi there! Thanks for checking us out.

    You can get answers to frequently asked questions here: https://www.voices.com/help/talent

    There are a number of resources available there that will guide you through the best way to produce a demo, setup your recording space, introduce you to the business of voiceover, and more.

    Best of luck,


  • nathanricks
    nathanricks Member, Voices_Premium
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    what is the best DAW software to start out with

  • cakiral
    cakiral Member, Voices_Premium
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    Dear beginners and aspiring voice actors!

    First of all: YES YOU CAN DO IT! :-))

    Everything starts with the first step. And if you really intend to make your voice career and give all attention to it, then you will succeed!

    At this point I would congratulate everyone who overcame the inner fears and blocking emotions to finally start a new path as a voice actor/actess.

    Maybe you think, that voice people are unreachable and selfish, but the existence of this platform is actually a proof, that the opposite is the case. If you ask politely and as concrete as possible, then you will find nearly all voice actors and actresses from all over the world approachable, kind and helping.

    So make the step and ask your colleagues!

  • Hi there, @nathanricks!

    We've got some great posts available on our blog to answer your question. For starters, I'd check out David's post about the most popular software Voices talent use: https://www.voices.com/blog/voice-recording-software/

    Best of luck!


  • nathanricks
    nathanricks Member, Voices_Premium
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  • mred3000
    mred3000 Member, Voices_Premium
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    edited June 2021

    Well, just booked MY FIRST JOB yesterday, after 149 auditions! I can say truly say that I didn't get discouraged (much), which is a sign to me of how much I really want to do this. The more I audition, the better I think I'm getting at critiquing my performance and my editing.

    I delivered the job 2 hours after I accepted the job (just 100 words) and I'm still waiting on feedback from the client. Mainly, I want to know if he going to request revisions. Can anyone tell me if it's normal to not hear anything back 24 hours after I send the files? With this being my first job, I don't have anything to compare it to.


    Ed in Miami

  • @mred3000 Way to go Ed, congratulations on your first job! Really impressive dedication.

    Feedback and timing can vary greatly depending on the client, feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions about it.

    Congrats again, happy recording,


  • stephciccarelli
    stephciccarelli Member, Voices_Guest
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    @cakiral, thank you for posting your encouraging words! It is people like you that make the world of voice over such a warm and inviting place to be.

    @mred3000, congratulations on booking your first job! I wouldn't worry too much about a client taking a day to get back to you. I agree with @Andrew Zuber though should you not hear anything for a few days and you thought you would have by now. There could be a number of people at the client's organization who need to review the final audio before it is ready to be formally approved.

    Welcome, @carolhazel and @nathanricks. Great to have you here!

  • mred3000
    mred3000 Member, Voices_Premium
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    Thanks Andrew, Stephanie (it's been almost a month but I appreciate the feedback).

    Although I never heard from that client, (no shade), the funds were released after two weeks, which is a great feature of Voices.

    By the way, I booked a job shortly thereafter, got good feedback and funds were released as soon as the job was delivered. Then, that same client invited me to do another job. My first repeat client!

    Thanks for the support!

  • That's great, @mred3000! Congratulations on the repeat business. We love to hear it.

  • timbrefox
    timbrefox Member, Voices_Guest
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    @mred3000 awesome to hear you getting work after so many auditions. I'm at 185 without a gig yet. I feel I am getting better and better as well and keep changing things up in my recording as well as my proposals to try and crack this. Hopefully I will have good news soon too. Some days it's hard not to feel dejected but I maintain a positive belief in myself.

    cheers y'all!

  • bonaventuremama
    bonaventuremama Member, Voices_Guest
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    I am new here. I got to know about voices as I was researching online. Please how can I get a guide on how to learn and deliver jobs here. I will really appreciate it if am properly guided

  • Hi there, @bonaventuremama, thank you for checking us out.

    We've got plenty of great resources available to help you get started and decide if this is right for you. Check out our Beginner's Guide here: https://www.voices.com/help/beginners-guide-to-voice-acting

    And we've got a great YouTube series that will guide you through the process: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60epQE0BM-mc715JwHnYPuR3rjRQ6WOR

    Best of luck starting your journey, let me know if you have further questions.

  • cammichaels
    cammichaels Member, Voices_Guest
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    hi everyone, ive had an interest in voice over for a long time and finally took the plunge at the beginning of the month.

    I’ve managed to book a gig for an independent game designer - but it was a non paying job - Im super stoked that I actually got to practice the relationship building that goes on between a client and voice artist and would love to build this moment into more professional work. Thanks for being an awesome resource Voices!