Peer Feedback: Explainer Video

Looking for something fun to sink your teeth into for practice? Let's get another round of sample script reads going.

This time, we'll use the 30 second sample script found here.

Here's the job description:


WeQuilibrium Productivity Software

Voice Age:

Young Adult (18-35) or Middle Aged (35-54)


Male or Female

Job description:

WeQuilibrium is a new productivity software that allows you to input your professional and personal goals, so that the app can in turn provide you with a streamlined, personalized schedule that helps you to achieve your dreams. This explainer video is meant to provoke interest about the new software, and urge audiences to visit the WeQuilibrium website and download the app. 

Art Direction:

We’re open to a wide range of voice actors! We’re interested in hearing from anyone who mirrors our target audience, which includes young adults and the middle aged of any gender. Our narrator should sound like both a trusted peer, and a knowledgeable expert who is eager to announce this new software to the world, because they themselves are all too familiar with the struggle of balancing work and leisure. That being said, we invite you to put your own spin on the creative direction, and we’re looking for someone who can bring their own distinct personality to this script read.


Internet Video









Word Count:



And here is your script:

"Work. Life. Balance.

Three tiny words.

An impossible equation that humankind has tried to solve for centuries.

What would it mean to your life if you could achieve all of your goals? If family, fitness, and personal finance could come together with career progression and big promotions?

Introducing WeQuilibrium, a productivity app that seamlessly brings together your personal and professional goals into a streamlined schedule that puts your dreams within reach. Download it for free, at wequilibrium dot com today."

Happy recording, everyone!


  • ganbeck
    ganbeck Member, Voices_Premium
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    Ok I took a swing at this one :) That fictitious product name was a tongue tangler!

  • cammichaels
    cammichaels Member, Voices_Guest
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    really would appreciate feedback, actual recording is brand new to me!

  • amy-grace
    amy-grace Member, Voices_Premium
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    I think this sounds amazing! You have a great voice! My only thought is maybe saying the last word “today” more like “two-day” instead of “tuh-day.”

  • ganbeck
    ganbeck Member, Voices_Premium
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    @amy-grace Thanks so much for the kind words! It's always super nice to get feedback on one's vocal sound, I tend to think every other VO guy sounds more pleasant. Maybe it's how curly-haired people often want straight hair and vice versa. 🧐

    I totally agree on the "today" feedback. I actually knew as I was editing it that I didn't land that right, but since it was just for fun and I was pressed for time, I left it. While listening to an older Mission Audition episode recently, I became conscious that I might not be saying the word "today" in the most ideal way. Apparrently, I tend to say "tuh-day" or "teh-day" and I've been trying to correct it more. I find it awkward to pronounce it "two-day". I think it's because I close my lips kind of tightly to make an "oooh" or "two" sound and open them wider to say the "y" in "day" or "stay". It feels unnatural to try and make those two sounds so close together. I'm probably just super weird in that regard 😝

  • magdmansour
    magdmansour Member, Voices_Premium
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    Hi All

    I have recently joined and I am very excited. I have applied for a number of jobs but still no answer which is fine as I am starting out. But what would really be helpful if I could get some feedback on what I should do and what steps should I take to better move forward.