Audition files - Voice only or add music/FX?

So I'm fairly new here, and working to land my first gig. One thing I'm curious about is when submitting an audition file, is it better to add music/FX (open source of course) to the file to produce a finished sounding audition, or is it better to just have it voice only?

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  • Hi @williamsavage , and thank you for joining the Voices Community Forum.

    You can find a similar conversation here regarding music under auditions:

    In general, in VO, most people want to hear dry voice only in the recording (no effects, music, etc.). This makes it easier for those in a position to cast or put talent forward to provide their client with just the reads and no other distractions.

    Choosing to add music to a voice over audition is a risk. It can be a make or break! Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to music, so it's best to leave it alone unless called for by the client.

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    I'm working to get my 1st gig as well and I'm new to Voices. This helps out a lot but I am also wondering if we audition with the script they provide or attach a file of previous work we've done?

  • Hi @dallasvoices,

    You can send either a response file from among your demos or portfolio samples, or you can click on the Browse button to upload a file from your computer hard drive (an MP3 file for audio response files and a .jpg or .pdf for a translation response files.) .

    When responding to a voice over job posting, there will be a sample script, and it is recommended that you record a custom response using a portion of the script provided (e.g. 20 to 30 seconds of recorded material).

    What clients are looking for when they request a voice over custom response is your interpretation of the script copy provided, correct pronunciation of potentially difficult words, and an example of what you can produce in a specified time frame. If you do take the time to record a twenty-second dry voice read, select a portion of the script that will best show your skills and be sure to protect your work by using the tools available to you.

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    So without a membership you can't actually search jobs and contact people correct?

  • Hi @ewaokla, you can still receive private invites from clients that are interested in your services with a Guest profile. A premium does allow you to search public invites and audition for jobs you are well matched to.