Guest Accounts: Have your questions answered

Calling all Guest Accounts!

Do you have questions about how to set up your profile, upload proper demos, and what you need to know to decide if you're ready for a premium account?

Please join me at our Guest Account Webinar, August 19 at 2pm ET. I'll be walking through the process of getting the most out of a Guest membership and answering your questions:


  • sabrinamisquita
    sabrinamisquita Member, Voices_Guest
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    I've just signed up with a Guest account and just uploaded my first demo.

    Will you be holding another "Guest Account Webinar" in the near future? Would love to join in!


  • rickgomez
    rickgomez Member, Voices_Guest
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    I'm completely new here. I need to know how to create my demo. Thanks for any help.

    Is there a sample of what's acceptable for voice overs?

  • sharongarza-robles
    sharongarza-robles Member, Voices_Guest
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    My name is Sharon Garza-Robles I am completely new as well. I keep seeing on the hiring page it has a lock on the open invites and it is saying I have to upgrade. What does this mean?

    Thanks for any help or advise.