Live, Directed Session

Hey all -

I am doing my first live, directed session tomorrow, and I still have lots of questions!

  1. Do I charge for a live, directed session, and how much?
  2. Should the client send me a script before the session, or is it a cold read? (I have requested a full script in addition to the partial one I auditioned on; they have not responded.)
  3. Do I record the entire session, slating each take, and then remove all the unnecessary stuff? For example, as soon as the session begins, do I just press record and go, recording all conversation as well as the script?
  4. Any tips you would recommend?

Thanks for any and all advice!



  • ekgabriel
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    1. Usually included in the rate that you quoted for the audition. I try to have a minimum of $250 for an hour (or less) session, but have worked for less.
    2. Depends on the client. It's always great to get the script ahead of time, but sometimes it's not possible.
    3. Also depends. Totally cool to ask the director what he/she would like to receive. Most times they want the whole session...I just cut out the chit chat between takes. However, some want to give you the selects and have you edit as well.
    4. Relax and do your job. Don't offer suggestions for changes unless they ask you directly...sometimes very hard to do...ha! Always assume your mic is hot and don't say anything you would not them to hear. Enjoy the session...try to be the best part of their day, this is fun! Good luck @tawnyarollingson