Noise Floor - I can't win

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I was struggling with noise floor issues, so I added a sound proof curtain to my studio floor. Now my readings are too quiet according to Audacity. Can you listen and tell me what you hear? It can be anything you hear and not necessarily the noise floor. Thanks colleagues.


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    Hey everybody,

    I've seen some folks have viewed my post, but no one has responded. I would love some feedback because I haven't had an audition "shortlisted" in a while and I'm trying to determine if it's a recording issue or if I need more coaching. Please help. Thanks.

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    Hey @kjack151 .... As a disclaimer, I am not a voice coach, so take this for what it's worth.... The quality sounds pretty good and the room noise is minimal. As far as your editing...cut out the mouth noise and breathes. While doing that, also cut down the space between sentences and some of the pauses. I don't know what the direction/instruction was....but speed up the read a bit...don't go too fast, but just a bit faster would be nice. Your voice is really great and you have a good natural read. I think you would probably benefit from speaking with an actual coach to smooth out some of the "edges" to your read. for example you read it "AT your desk" hitting the would be more natural to hit "desk". Listening through the read there are a few instances of this. Overall, though, I think you are on the right track....keep reading every day...listen back as unbiased as you can (I know it's hard with your own voice). If you need to...print out the copy and read through it, marking words you want to emphasize and if you want to end down or up on the ends of sentences. Best of luck to you!

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    Considering that you’re my competition, it’s not really in my interest to tell you my trade secret, but I’ll say it anyway.

    iZotope RX Spectral De-Noiser.

    Hands down, the best noise reduction software on the market. Pro tip: Use the Learn feature for 10 seconds of room noise. Also, don’t use the default settings. Fiddle with the advanced settings until you get the kind of results you like.