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    Hey @markofthewild , great question, and great observation!

    The tl;dr version is that the points system helps you earn badges that identify which members are consistently doings things like answering questions, leaving positive comments, and being active in the community.

    As we continue to grow and navigate this new space on the community forum we'll be tinkering and looking into things to improve, points and badges are among the things we will evaluate the usefulness of.

    Thanks for asking, I'll be sure to add more information on the points, badges, and roles as part of our introduction.

  • markofthewild
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    @Andrew Zuber lol. Its Mark Green...AKA Mark of the Wild, haha not sure who markgalindo is....

  • @markofthewild lol! The auto-fill after the @ symbol strikes again.

  • markofthewild
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    @Andrew Zuber How come you get to edit after 6 minutes and we dont? lol

  • jmaevida
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    Hello sa tanan.. Bag o rajud ko nag sign up karon, gusto ko makakat on pa gikan kaninyo.

    (Hello to all, I have sign up voive.com just now, I am very excited to learn something new from this community)😊

  • markofthewild
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    not sure where this belongs but i have a uestion about the profile pic.

    Whast type of pic should it be? casual, formal, proffessional silly?

    Mine is a pic of me in an on air studio very casual. Should I make it more professional looking? wear a suit or something?

  • @markofthewild there are no strict rules around what to use for your profile photo, but I would say to opt on the side of professional when you can.

    If you're looking for inspiration or ideas around what your profile should look and sound like, checking out our Top 100 is always a great way to stay on top of what the top talent on our platform are doing: https://www.voices.com/top100

  • markofthewild
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    @Andrew Zuber it would appear that most of the pix are headshots...time to change mine maybe

  • timbrefox
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    How do I add our profile pic from the Voices platform to this forum so I'm not just a big blue 'V'?

    ...just found it on my own. sorry. lol

  • johnescoto
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    Hi all, new to Voices and looking forward to working and networking on this site. Are you only able to apply or inquire about the jobs listed after paying the 499 fee? I sure hope this is a legit site. Are there testimonials or others on here that can tell me how you got the ball rolling? Maybe about your experiences with the responses or actual jobs acquired by paying the fee and actual return on your investment.

  • Hi there @johnescoto

    A guest account is a great way to get started and get familiarized with the platform. You’ll be able to create your profile and upload demos, as well as get a head start on reading some of our best practices. With a guest membership you’ll be able to audition for jobs you have personally been invited to by clients, but in order to audition for other jobs and to be invited to more jobs via VoiceMatch, you will need a Premium Account, 

    Here are some testimonials from talent that have had success on our platform: https://www.voices.com/talent/stories

    You can find discussion and conversation about booking jobs all over the forum, check things out and don't be shy to ask more questions.

  • nanadeluv
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    Hi everyone is nice to be part of this community. Am from England and new to this world of voices yet can’t wait in using my voice as I equip myself everyday and learning a lot here. Best of luck to everyone.


  • rehamelnagar
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    مرحبا انا ريهام جديدة هنا وأريد أن اتعلم اكثر

  • Tôi cần tìm hiểu sâu hơn ạ

  • mudasarbinmuzammal
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    Hello Everyone's, I am Mudasar from Pakistan and it's good place to learn under great persons who are helping and guiding and gives a lot of suggestions.

  • juliemhoward
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    My name is Julie and I am just getting into Voice Over. I have been told for a long time that I have a very good voice, and people in my past love my story telling voice. I have never done anything about it until now. I am really interested in getting started and I know I have to take baby steps. I am willing to do that.

  • jolaretangewak
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    Hello everyone, my name is Jolar from Biafra. I'm new here, please need who can teach me how to make money in Voices.com.

    Thank you very much, Shalom🙏

  • fatimaabrahams
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    Hi I am new here. I signed up today as I saw that it is free to sign up. No where did it make mention of a subscription service. However, now that I am searching for jobs, it show me upgrade to premiumin order to apply.

  • markeyonnabruner
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    Hi same here , it never said you had to upgrade before I never was offer the basic one.