How long does it take to actually get paid?

I have had such a run around with dates here I am starting to wonder if any of this is real. I did a self-service job completed by Aug,, 17th. My funds were "released" (but not to me) on Aug's Sept 14th and no money for me. I am told that it could be 2-3 months to get paid by cheque. (from Ontario to BC is 3 days in the mail) ...or PayPal which will hold these phantom funds for another few weeks but no money there either. Now, I initially switched from PayPal to cheque because of the PayPal holding policy (which c'mon, it's 2021...PayPal? that's a service for hobby sellers on Ebay...not a earned money deserve pay platform) but anyway, I switched to cheque assuming it would have been here in a week. I asked Customer Service for confirmation on the cheque being sent. I could not get confirmation and was told cheques take up to 3 months. . So I requested to go back to PayPal, cancel the cheque and now I am told I will have to wait 2 weeks for funds to be "reissued", deposited to PayPal and then wait the PayPal 14 days. I was misinformed. We are always warned not to give money to the internet....was I a fool?

I could be waiting 2 months for payment here because no one could just confirm my cheque was in the mail and for some reason in 2021 Voices is paying via PayPal.

I read "success" stories on here about people doing a job and getting money in their account the next day.

Has anyone really been paid here?


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    It may be for us "old folks" but PayPal through Voices simply works. I've been a member since 2011 and get paid to that account twice a month from Voices. I have never heard of "next day payment"....I have waited for months from some clients who, for whatever reason, did not release the funds, but Voices tech support always takes care of that for me if I have requested the release and the client has ghosted me. Sorry for your issues, but I assure you Voices is not a scam.

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    Hey @timbrefox,

    Totally understand your frustration, but setting up a PayPal account to get paid will be so much easier for you and you'll get paid way faster.