Advice for a numbers-oriented nerd?

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I like setting numbers-based goals, and after reading this article detailing the stats the most successful talent here has in common, I set out to reach those numbers.

This year (since September to be exact) marks the first time I've had the freedom to audition as often as I can AND have been able to do so with the equipment that can help me put my best out there (e.g. my Whisperroom, mic, etc.), so I've created a spreadsheet that tracks my percentages for the year:

The numbers in parenthesis are the two percentages the article says the strongest and highest-earning talents are hitting, respectively. My numbers are in the second column.

My specific reason for this post is the Shortlist to Listen Rate: it's well beyond the 10% mark (and is actually higher when looking at my all-time stats), but I feel like I'm not converting this to bookings enough. I had been at that 3% threshold for the year until last month when it started dipping, even as my Shortlist to Listen Rate was rising.

What can I do to improve this? The 20.6% suggests there is plenty the client likes, but I might be missing something. Any suggestions/advice? Is this possibly too small a sample size from which I could draw conclusions?

Also, if anyone is as nerdy as me and wants the template for the spreadsheet, I'd be happy to provide it!


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    Hey @elijahcross this is really interesting, thank you for sharing it! And a really great example, I think, of using your proclivity for numbers to really take a serious examination of your career. I think the fact that you're tracking and observing this so closely is going to continue to pay dividends and you'll see these numbers improve organically yearly by being able to continue putting this level of dedication, as well as the schedule that you mention about the freedom to audition

    I'll ask some of the experienced members of our talent team for some advice on this, but I'd love to see what some of our members of the talent community have to say as well.