Can we lock in that Shortlist?

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I love 'Statistics' mainly because it's a scorecard. It lets me know how many I've booked in comparison to auditions turned in. The 'Shortlists' stat is amazingly helpful with offsetting the large difference in the auditions-to-bookings gap. I didn't realize that the Clients can take shortlists back though, which disrupts a very steady method of self-improvement.

Can we lock in that Shortlist? 2 votes

Make 'Shortlist' permanent
xephalos 1 vote
Let the Client change it
ekgabriel 1 vote


  • Andrew Zuber
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    Hi there, @xephalos

    Great topic! I'm going to pass this into our UX feedback loop to see if it's something we can implement going forward if there's enough support for it.

    If you have ideas or suggestions to improve the platform, please never hesitate to reach out to [email protected], our team is always on the search for ways to improve and change the platform for the better to help our talent have a greater experience.