Tech: What's your oldest and newest piece of equipment?

Calling all Gear Heads! A tech setup is always growing a changing, especially when you're building a home studio or progressing in your career.

As I browse for new fun toys to add to my collection, I'm curious: What is the one piece of equipment you've kept in your possession for the longest, and what's your newest prized possession?


  • barron
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    It's all important to set yourself up with a GOOD microphone.

    and a quiet room.

    Don't cheap out when buying a microphone. You'll probably need to start at at least $250 and upwards.

    But look at it this way... ( as I do with all my tech purchases)... One or two jobs and it's paid for. dB

  • ganbeck
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    I was fortunate enough to build a 400 SQ FT studio into my home last year, complete with a vocal isolation booth. After years of trying to work with makeshift quiet spaces, it has been a DREAM to have a place that is always set up and ready to go. So, I guess the studio (which I have dubbed "The Melody Forge") is my newest piece of gear 😂

  • ignaciosacchi
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    I guess that my almost 15 years old Shure PG48 is my oldest microphone. And the rest of the equipment has been evolving one piece at a time. But nothing new yet.

  • dbaudio
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    As a long time studio owner turned voice talent I keep the same approach to gear. Buy the best you can afford and keep it simple. The talent buyer is listening for your delivery and tone. So as long as the signal loud and clear they likely won't know what process it went through getting to disk. I gotta say I miss my old tape machines - yes I came into the industry that loooong ago. It's still hard to get the warmth and punch that I heard coming back from analog tape.

  • rayonbees
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    Yep, do your research. Everyone would like a $2000 Neumann but, alas, unless you're made of money, do the research. And, always remember Guitar Center or Reverb sells used gear! Got my prized possessions a RODE NT1 and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 for $300. Still woking like a champ. Don't skimp out on headphones either.

  • lucaswilliamsvo
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    You made me realize I don't have much in the way of really old gear in my current setup. I have two different setups, one for auditioning (I use a Behringer Handheld mic on a small stand at my desk) for the sake of speed and workflow, and a treated booth with my condenser for my booked work and the occasional higher paying job audition. I suppose the Behringer handheld mic is the oldest part of the setup, or maybe my Macbook which I've been using since 2014.

    The newest piece is my SSL 2+ interface! I've had it for about a year, I think, and I love it to bits.

  • Andrew Zuber
    Andrew Zuber Administrator
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    @ganthetb I love "The Melody Forge" as a name, wow.

  • ganbeck
    ganbeck Member, Voices_Premium
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    Thanks @Andrew Zuber! I create music here as well as VO, so it seemed like a good fit and it wasn't taken already as a website 😂

    I need to take some pics and post them of the studio, but I'm always doing something to upgrade it so..... 😉

  • ganbeck
    ganbeck Member, Voices_Premium
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    On the topic of mics, I have two main condenser mics:

    • Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387L (costs about $1,500)
    • Lauten Audio LA-320 tube (costs about $600)

    I thought I'd use the Atlantis more, but the cheaper tube mic seems to fit better with my baritone range voice 🤔

    I run everything through a Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ pre-amp and that feeds into my Universal Audio Apollo x8 DAC. I recently upgraded that from my Apogee Element DACs (I need to eBay those when I get around to it).

    My DAWs are Apple Logic Pro X for music and Adobe Audition for VO and my computer is an iMac Pro that's pretty loaded because I do video editing with it too.

  • germaineranglin
    germaineranglin Member, Voices_Guest
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    Well I have many Interfaces, but my latest addition to my Audio family is the Prism Audio Atlas AD-DA converter. It’s amazing and it fits nicely in my workflow.