Revision requested on a completed job - How do I request payment?

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Hi there - I've searched through Help and the Forums but can't seem to find anything.

I completed a job a few months ago and the client has returned with a new/shorter script for an alt version. I quoted them a price for this new script and they've requested a Revision on a previously submitted file so that I can request new payment.

I can't find anywhere on the job where I can request the new payment for the new script. I used the Additional Payment Calculator thinking that would somehow link up but no luck.

Can someone from Voices please advise on how to request additional payment for a new script added to this previously "Completed" job?


  • Andrew Zuber
    Andrew Zuber Administrator
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    Hi there @dinkydean!

    To be paid for revisions beyond what is included in your revision policy, you will need to ask the client to Add a Payment to the project (via their job-level Agreements or Payments tab). Once they’ve added a payment, a new agreement will be sent to you for review, similar to the way an agreement was sent to initiate the project. 

    Your best bet is to reach out to the client to request this, but I would also suggest you send a message to [email protected] to speak directly to our talent team so we can make sure you are properly compensated for this extra work.