New to VO - Question about setting price

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Hello everyone! I'm new to voice-over and got my first job through networking so not through

I need help setting a price for an eLearning job. It's basically in modules and the client wants me to do all 10ish modules recorded in one lump audio file. I did the word count on Microsoft Word and it's over 35,000 words! So my question is - do I still charge them per module (per module would be 0.13ish per word) or should I charge as one lump word count since I would upload one file (the charge per word count would be less it's a bigger word count) I don't know what to do! Help!

Also, how feasible is it to upload a 35,000-word audio file to their box account or even to record and save? Is it within my right to say I would to divide it into two files?

Thank you!!!!