Music under auditions

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As much as I love what the right music can do to elevate a voice performance I can't, as a casting agent, submit auditions that are mixed with music. Are you ever tempted to put just the right track under your awesome audition and hope the talent buyer will love it and choose your audition?


  • moonlad
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    I'm always tempted but know better. What if they like the music and not your read? You don't get anything for offering a musical choice. Plus they may hate your choice of music and not care about the read.

  • shawnrh
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    Forgive me but I'm a little confused. If I'm auditioning for a particular song gig, am I not singing along to a backing track produced by the potential client? So the music is there own, and my voice is my own. Perhaps you could clarify.

  • stephciccarelli
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    Great conversation starter, @dbaudio!

    @shawnrh, it sounds like this discussion is about whether or not voice actors should add music under their voice over recording. In VO, most people want to hear dry voice only in the recording (no effects, music, etc.). This makes it easier for those in a position to cast or put talent forward to provide their client with just the reads and no other distractions.

    If you're auditioning for a jingle and the client has provided a music bed for you to sing along to, that would be different. As you say, it's their music and there wouldn't be any disagreement over it if that was included as a requirement in the job posting.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, @moonlad. Choosing to add music to a voice over audition is a huge risk for all the reasons you stated. It can be a make or break! Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to music, so it's best to leave it alone unless called for by the client.