Newbie Asking for Feedback On First Demo

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Greetings all, I've just recorded my first demo to post on my Voices profile. I would sure appreciate any critique before I upload it. Whether voice quality, production quality, anything. I'm here to learn from those who are successfully doing it, in hopes of joining your ranks. Thank you


  • jonathanlong5041
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    From what I can tell the voice work sounds clear and well done. The additional sound effects are a little distracting and I think that might be a detriment. I love the enthusiasm though! Let's hear a demo without music and sound effects! I'm sure it'll be great!

  • hotgravy
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    Nice sound! I'd also say that your voice is having to fight the background music bed a little bit. You really want to showcase your voice first and have the music bed compliment that. It's a good first spot.