Tips for Online Auditioning Success

Wonder what it takes to nail an audition?

How do casting directors know that you’ve got your mind and heart in a role? Acclaimed casting director Hugh Edwards of Gravy for the Brain in the UK shares how you can approach a casting spec to provide a read worthing listening to.

Listen to this episode and hear 3 poor examples of auditions so you know what not to do, as well as a perfect audition for you to learn from and apply.

About Hugh:

Hugh Edwards is a voice-director and casting-director. He set up High Score Productions Ltd in 2004, a company specializing in audio-outsourcing to the broadcasting and gaming industries. As well as successfully running two studios, HSP have composed for over 100 television shows and worked on over 160 games plus countless other projects from radio to movies and movie trailers. Hugh’s work has been nominated for no less than 4 awards for Best Audio Outsourcing at the gaming industry’s Develop Awards and a TIGA award for best Service Provider