Apple Logic Pro X for VO?

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Hi all,

I have both Adobe Audition and Apple Logic Pro X. I normally use Logic for music production and Audition for VO. I really like the noise reduction in Audition for VO, but I'm wondering if I might be better off using Logic for VO.

For those of you using Logic, can you give some tips for VO and maybe describe your workflow?




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    Logic Pro X user here. I also do music production on top of VO and have just always used Logic. I never felt the need to delve into Audition.

    In Logic, I set up a template which allows me to punch and roll pretty quickly based on the info in a YouTube video (just search "punch and roll logic" and it will pop up - I think the guy's name is Liam?). Basically I create a new Logic file for each day of work, then one track for each project when I'm flying through a number at a time, and then mute the previous recordings once I bounce out what I need for each project. With the Logic Remote app on my phone, I can easily start and stop recording, and if I stop after a take, hit rewind and record again I can quickly fly through multiple takes which all get organized in a takes folder and I can easily review them and choose one or assemble a composite (obviously preferring the former!). I can easily go back and see what I did to any given project and access the raw production file by going back to the day it was submitted.

    In terms of noise reduction, I've been really happy with Waves NS1. I know there are others but I use Waves for the music side of things. My studio is ultra quiet, but NS1 really cleans up the noise floor and even helps with background noise in behind useful recorded content.

    Hope that helps!


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    Thanks for the reply @gavinmuir! (Looks like your name and mine are only one letter apart :) )

    Your approach is exactly the same as mine (doing a project file for each day I audition, etc.), but I do it in Audition. I'm migrating to doing it in Logic, however, because Audition is pretty flaky on my iMac. It gives me weird errors about my DAC all the time.

    I'll check out NS1. I'm testing the Accusonus ERA 5 noise remover. I also have a noise remover in my iZotope suite. Neither of these, however, seems to allow me to capture a noise profile and then process using that. I might be missing it if it's there. Like you, my vocal booth is pretty dead quiet. What I'm eliminating is that very slight hiss or room noise that my highly sensitive mic picks up.

    I've got a question for you about normalization and volume of your audio files, but I'll start a new thread in case others want to chime in :)



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    Ive never used Logic and I have used Audition extensivly and of couse before audition cool edit pro and various other DAWs. In radio Audition is used profoundly.

    I have come to realize that DAWs are just like consoles, they are all the same minus some slight variations. I also produce music and have have found Harrison Mixbus to handle both VO and music better than the rest. I dont work for them, I'm just a old sound guy using his ears.

    I say use what you are comfortable with and that delivers you the best results