Looking for feedback on my audiobook sample read

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Hi everyone, just in the early stages of putting things together for a demo reel, and testing out my booth. Would love to hear people's feedback on anything they think can be improved - pacing, acoustics, EQ, choice of material, anything!

Thank you very much


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    Hey @chuckvalet

    First of all, great voice! I personally think it's very well suited for audiobooks. Very easy on the ears!

    The one main thing that stands out is the amount of background hiss. The actual quality of your voice on the recording sounds good. I think your mic and interface are probably just fine. It's the noise floor underneath that could use some cleanup. I'm not sure what's causing it in your setup because it can originate from different sources. One thing you might try is turning your gain down a bit and see if that helps. A lot of people also hire sound engineers to assess their booth/mic/interface setups and get things really dialed in if want to go that route. They generally have you send in a sample like this and ask you specific questions about your gear and setup so they can explain how to get the best sound possible.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Thank you! Really appreciate the feedback, yes I was worried the noise might be an issue. The Interface is a MOTU Ultralite - it's old but (to my knowledge) decent quality. Only issue is it's firewire, so I have to go through a chain of adapters to hook it up to my thunderbolt port. I don't think that's the issue but I will try it with my old lappy and compare!