Hi all! I have submitted over 30 job responses but never even got a thumbs up. Any advice?


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    I would say, invest in better equipment (a blue yeti microphone is not quite good enough for most jobs) and get yourself a good voicereel. I had a quick look at your profile and you only have 3 extracts, which all sound quite similar and do not adequately show your range. This can influence whether the client likes your audition or not, as they might go to your profile to check out your demos, your range, and previous work if any. If they do not find much there, they might consider you as someone who is too much of a novice and choose to work with someone a bit more experienced. I hope this was helpful, as I do not mean to offend you in any way, but only provide some guidance :)

  • sebastianag
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    *Laughs in 150 ignored auditions*