Feedback would be appreciated!

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Here is the 30 second sample of the Car Ad. What can I improve? Your feedback is very welcome.


  • Andrew Zuber
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    Thanks for posting, @rolypoly!

  • stephciccarelli
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    Great read, @rolypoly Robert! Thanks for sharing with us. I liked your tone of voice and how you approached the script. What I would suggest is to have more differentiation in the list at the beginning and take that first phrase a little slower to paint the picture for the listener. Time can be made up in the middle of the script. You want to give the listener time to lock into what you're saying, absorb the message and take action (hopefully to buy the car!). The read clocked in at 27 seconds, so there is a bit of room to slow down at certain points and keep up a faster pace at others. Thanks again for participating!

  • ganbeck
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    Nothing to add to Stephanie's comments except that I really, really like the timbre of your voice!