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Thanks for joining the Voices Community Forum! We're excited to get to know you and to hear your unique perspective. Please take the time to introduce yourself to the community forum here. What are your favorite creative skills? What does your career path look like? What are your career goals? What do you do for fun? Where are you from? Tell us!



  • craigsvoicetalent
    craigsvoicetalent Member, Voices_Platinum

    Hi everyone. Great to be here. I am Craig Williams and joined Voices around 2016. I am a British Voice Over who now lives in Houston, TX. I started my career as a nightclub DJ at Scotland's most famous nightclub called Flicks and was resident there for nearly 7 years on and off. Eventually, life forced me to get a "proper job" due to having a wife and kids! I went back to school and got my Electrical/Electronic Engineering degree. This led to working offshore in the North Sea for 10 years and then moving to Houston.

    Something inside was missing though. I always listened to the radio and when the commercials came on I thought, "I could do that!". I also had to sit through endless safety training videos during my work in the Oil & Gas sector. They bored the crap out of me as they were usually poorly produced with the voice of "Derek the intern"!

    I am now happy to say that I have a blossoming career in voiceover and every year has gone from strength to strength. Voices has been an integral part of that.

  • rjellison
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    Hi, my name is Rob Jellison and I have been doing voice acting part-time now for about 5 years out of Sacramento California.

    It started as a hobby while I was a stay-at-home dad, but has since grown to something that I am still trying to figure out! Before voice acting, I was a producer for California State University, Fresno’s Athletic Department. I pretty much did everything from audio engineering, editing and cinematography to graphic design, marketing and live event directing. (That’s the jumbotron - If you ever attended a Fresno State football or basketball game from 2006-2012 I may have gotten you on the kiss- cam.)

    I have a wife who works nights as a post-op nurse, a daughter who is about to become a second grader and a 4-year-old son who rarely lets me do live sessions. For fun I Backpack, Snowboard, Golf, kayak, bass fish, and repeat other voice actors I hear on TV while my kids look at me funny.

    It’s been a great experience working with so many awesome people on I think this forum is a great idea, and I can’t wait to hear from everyone!

  • tifgrant
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    Hello there!

    I'm Tiffany Grant, a full-time voice actor based in Atlanta, GA for the last 3 years. I'm a native of Houston, TX. My background is in theatre, but I began my professional voice actor career in anime in February 1994. I've worked on close to 1800 episodes of anime over the years, but have also done pretty much everything else: video games, commercials, explainers, voicemail, children's audio books.

    I joined Voices about 3 1/2 years ago, and I like the opportunity to work with clients from around the world on a wide variety of projects.

    Prior to the pandemic, I was very active in the convention scene attending about 15 anime/SF/comic cons per year. I've been appearing as a guest at conventions since 1997, and I've done them in nearly every US state (only 4 to go!), plus 5 Canadian provinces, 4 Australian states, New Zealand, Rep. of Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. I'm excited to get back out to cons later this year! 🙂

  • jsanders7675
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    Hey all, Jacob Sanders here!

    I've always been an Actor, mostly theatre, but I've dabbled in film as well. I didn't get into Voice Overs professionally until February of 2020, when I started on Voices. I was inspired to give it a try by my dad, who had also tried, but didn't feel that he was quite the fit for it. Seeing his journey gave me the encouragement I needed to give a try for myself. After a friend helped make me a rough demo and purchasing a "Pro" Membership on Voices, I quickly saw success. In my first full year I've booked over 50 jobs and have worked with companies I would never have imagined to. Now, VO is my main focus. I've just finished recording my first professionally produced commercial demo and have plans to seek representation, a long term voice instructor and eventually leave my day job for Voice Overs by the end of the year!

    I look forward to interacting and learning with/from you all as the Community grows!

  • ganbeck
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    Hello voice talent community! My name is Ganthet Beck ("Gan" is usually easier for everybody). I'm new to but not new to VO. I've been doing it off and on since I was a teenager. Most of my work has been focused on eLearning and explainer/training videos, but I'm interested in branching out to other projects. I work out of my professional studio, conveniently built in my home. I spent much of my childhood in Germany and various US states, so I developed a pretty neutral accent that seems to work well for me :) I'm currently a resident of Florida, raising my 9 year old son.😁

  • kevin-h
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    Hey community! I'm Kev.

    I'm Canadian, and although I've been VO-ing as a side-gig for a while now, starting from University radio, and never really stopped. I specialize primarily in documentaries, e-learning, explainers and non-fiction audiobooks. (Clearly, I excel in/prefer the more 'functional' side of VO-ing, rather than the creative, character-based gigs.)

    Recently I gave up a 20-year corporate job track and jumped feet-first (mouth-first?) into full-time VO-ing. That, and looking after my 7-year-old son, and hopefully getting back to travelling, once the world settles down.

    I love the variety and flexibility VO-ing gives me. Would love to connect with anyone else and share battle scars and suggestions.

    Cheers - Kev

  • seumusmichaelmaley
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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Seumus Michael Maley. I throw the Michael in to help clue people in to how to pronounce my first name because trust me, I have heard every possible imaginable pronunciation out there!

    I was a musician in Atlanta for a long time and when my band broke up after 2500 shows, I was tired of the late nights and worn out voice from singing and rapping, and as I already had most of the gear needed to record from home, I jumped right into voice-over.

    I've been on Voices since 2016 and have had tremendous fun working with so many great clients.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!



  • saraheileen
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    My name is Sarah Eileen and I am fairly new to voiceover, but I have had great experiences here at and have recommended it to a lot of people. I am a full-time high school English teacher, who had all of the requisite VO hobbies - reading, singing, acting, and explaining things to people.

    I am a mom of a 20 and 18 year old human children, and an 11 year old feline and 7 year old canine child. I found Voiceover at the beginning of the pandemic and I am really glad I have. I have found VO folks to be super-helpful, friendly, and eager to chat, but I am assuming that is because of all the time we spend alone in a silent booth, talking to a computer. I am excited to learn more, talk shop, and just get better at what we all do.


  • amandah98
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    I am also a creative type, like many of you and dabble in a number of things. Up until the pandemic I was performing 3 to 5 times a week as a musician/band. Although I continue to release my own music, I’m coming back to voice work after having a few years break from it. I have some time in radio and voiceover experience from years past, but really bringing it to the forefront of my focus again has been a thrill. I feel so lucky to have found, and feel overwhelmingly grateful to have found their support and encouragement. I am so excited about the community pages as well. Good to meet you all; I look forward to getting to know everyone more.

  • xiano
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    Hello yall, My name is Xiano (don't worry about saying it wrong, everyone does) Naos and I have no experience in voice acting except some DND with family and friends to have fun, but I want to give it a fair shot and try it out. My favorite creative skills would be wood working and some drawing. My career path for this is, I would like to focus on singing and reading stories. Making this a career is something that would be nice, but money is not my reason for doing this. What I do for fun is play chess, read (maybe a little too much), D&D, and singing. Finally, I am from Junction City, Kansas.

    I hope to learn from yall and make friends with yall.

  • sajedaakhter
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    In my current position as a freelance Voice Actor I provide voice talent to independent clients for television commercials radio spots audio book narration and corporate voice mail recordings. I have strong reading comprehension and follow direction well. In addition I have a flexible schedule with the ability to meet clients’ needs. Even though I am new I have a clear strong toned voice and speak with clear diction and a versatility to adjust to each individual project. I have been applauded for my talent for following directions and interpreting their needs requiring few takes in order to deliver just what they imagined.

    I would enjoy the chance to put my professionalism to work as a Voice Actor with your company. I have no doubt that you will find my vocal talents to be excellent.

  • sherrymorisch
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    Oh my goodness. I'm so excited to be here. I've only been on Voices for a short time so I'm glad to see how many others are in the community that I can learn from.

    While I graduated from broadcasting school in the 90s and have done some MC and Dj work over the years, I've not been solidly behind the mic in years so it's taking some getting used to. I'm a student of Such A Voice and so glad I opted into their awesome curriculum. I've analyzed their curriculum to the experience and teachings of others in the field and it seems SAV is on point every step of the way. I do follow some VO talent on YouTube and read about VO as much as I can.

    My background is in digital marketing, IT, business, and education. I'm here to help if you need digital marketing or branding assistance (I am certified through Oregon State University), but I'm also here to learn. If you can offer any insight about how to schedule your day, how to be diligent about practice, and maybe tips about how to submit great auditions, I'm literally All ears. My goal with Voices is to build an unstoppable voiceover business and that's what I intend to accomplish.

    Thank you to for offering us this awesome opportunity.

    Still working on my VO headshot so I'll pass doing that for now :)

    Make it a great weekend everyone.

  • lucaswilliamsvo
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    Hey everybody. I'm Lucas out of the Toronto area! I do quite a bit of different work in the space including VO, audio consulting, commercial production and audio mixing for video with ad agencies, and VO demo production. Love the idea of this community and hope to see it gain traction this year.

  • malyarachelmuth
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    Hi all. I'm Malya from Edmonds, Washington - hello other Washingtonians on the site 👋.

    It's so interesting to read all of your profiles. Some here are veterans and some are me.

    I've been thinking about voiceover from forever ago, and even joined in 2019, but found that being a performing classical singer, full time singing teacher AND adding voiceover to the mix was too much use of my voice. I had to drop something, and VO was it. But once the pandemic hit, and performing and teaching pretty much ceased, I saw the opportunity to lean into something that I've been wanting to pursue for a long time, and now here I am.

    I'm used to working from home, and like many others I've been reading about, I was already comfortable with the audio software - which has made the transition a bit easier. I'm enjoying the process of listening and learning from other voice actors on the site, and take a lot of inspiration from what I hear others doing. I have also begun coaching - which is weird and wonderful after a looooong career of studying and performing as a singer and then teaching. It's fun to be learning again, though part of me is impatient with the "not knowing already" so prevalent in adults. :)

    I've gotten a few jobs in the 5 months I've been on here, but it's so hard to be patient and persist in the process of learning and of course competing with all the exceptional talent on the site.

    I look forward to diving in to these forums to glean more tips and techniques that will help me win more auditions.

  • sirsnotty
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    I am Snotty I am looking forward to opening new doors and improving my sound while also helping whoever hires me for their projects!

    I am an artist who can depict many sounds and come up with various sounds. If you would like to work you can contact me @snottyxo on instagram or email me [email protected]

  • ruben-flores
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    Hola a todos

    Yo soy Rubén Flores

    Tengo 19 años, soy de Bolivia 🇧🇴

    Con esta plataforma estoy buscando nuevas oportunidades y aprovechar también lo que se venga gracias.