Have you ever been asked to create a language?

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Languages like Klingon (Star Trek), Elvish (The Lord of the Rings - LoTR), Kryptonian (Superman) and Na’vi (Avatar) find themselves in the category of ‘constructed languages.’

Constructed languages are created to add depth to worlds inhabited, create distinct cultural identities for characters in a book, film or game. In many cases, a constructed language may enjoy a fan following and be adopted by a small, but enthusiastic group of people who speak them!

If you’re familiar with conlanging (constructing a language), I’d love to hear about the projects you’ve completed as well as any languages you’ve created for your own satisfaction. 

For more information on constructed languages, be sure to check out our interview with Dr. Christine Schreyer here on the Voices blog and also listen to the episode of Sound Stories linked below:

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