Audition or send demo?

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There are times when I cannot get into the studio to record right away. Is it better to audition via the app and have the audio quality be poor or send a demo file (when they only have the option to upload a file)? I sent a demo file once and a client sent me a message and said I gave them the wrong file.

What do you do?


  • stephciccarelli
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    @adrollread, thank you for starting this thread! I hope you're having a good day. The short answer is yes, you can replace an audition file provided the client hasn't already listened to the audition you sent in for their job. That said, if the audition you're sending isn't your best work or doesn't reflect what the client asked for, it is better to wait and submit what you ultimately want them to hear.

    Here's a link to read more FAQs on auditions. This section in particular talks about what to do if you have uploaded the wrong file (the same steps would apply for the question you asked).

    Most clients expect that you'll be reading a sample of their script, so I can appreciate why the client you're talking about told you it was the wrong file. Whenever possible, read a portion of the client's script. Reading a portion of the script gives you a better chance of booking and it also shows that you can follow instructions. Great question!

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    If an audition file is not requested, should you upload your demo for a project or an audio file of a sample script they added with their job posting? I just submitted my first proposal with a demo but was wondering if I should've recorded a file of the sample script. Appreciate any feedback.

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    I always provide a read of the sample if they have one....always.