Voices Community Forum Guidelines

The Voices Community Forum is an extension of the Voices marketplace, which allows creative talent like you to tap into jobs from some of the world's biggest and most recognizable brands, helping you safely and securely unlock new income opportunities, develop a portfolio of projects, create a new network of clients, and build an online reputation for quality creative work. This forum is a place to connect with your fellow creative professionals, network, learn more about how to get the most out of the Voices platform, and to have stimulating conversations.

We've set out community guidelines to help make the forum an open, accessible, and positive place. At Voices, our vision is to make the world a more positive and accessible place through the power of the human voice, and that includes this forum.

By using this forum, you acknowledge the following:

  • Voices Community Guidelines are applicable to the Voices forum
  • Voices Content Guidelines are applicable to the Voices forum
  • Voices moderators may remove content that violates our rules at any time
  • Voices moderators can restrict your access to the forum following violations
  • You are contributing to a positive space and community

Voices forum moderators may enact disciplinary action, including post removal, warnings, and removal from the forum, for the following violations:

  • A lack of mutual respect for fellow members. Voices is home to voice over talent at varying stages of their careers, and by virtue of that diversity, our community thrives. Acknowledging that, we insist that you show mutual respect and be a source of encouragement to others
  • Uploading content you do not have the rights to
  • Posting details about Voices job postings. That information is confidential within the Voices site
  • Posting specific client names, unless you have permission to do so
  • Posting content that violates our Content Guidelines, including adult content, mature themes, extreme violence, hate speech, and/or profanity
  • Posting content that violates our Community Guidelines
  • Posting anything that violates the Voices Terms of Service or that encourages others to violate our Terms of Service
  • Posting Spam

Voices holds the rights to amend or add guidelines at any point. If you are in violation of these guidelines, a Voices moderator will send you a direct message on the community forum.

If you notice any content that violates these guidelines and you would like to bring it to a moderator’s attention, please use the flag function at the bottom of the post or email [email protected]

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