Making Better Proposals

At Voices, talent replying to jobs have the opportunity to provide clients with:

  1. Sample of work
  2. Proposal
  3. Quote

All three elements are crucial to consistently booking work, and they all have their own strengths when it comes to bolstering your chances.

Just like your voice has to match the tone of the project, and your quote will have to fall within the allotted budget, a quality proposal can be a make-or-break component when you reply to client job postings. Most talent will spend a lot of time on samples and finding the correct price quote, but will overlook or breeze through the proposal without giving it much thought.

Stephanie has published some great insights on the Voices blog about how you can make a great proposal, with 10 key points to review:

Here's a look at the 10 points. Check out the link above to read more details.

  1. Speak Directly To The Client Who Posted The Job
  2. Make Yourself Look Professional and Up To The Task
  3. Personalize Your Proposal
  4. Spellcheck and Double Check: Avoid Spelling and Grammatical Errors
  5. Keep It Short, Yet Meaningful
  6. Communicate Your Ability Honestly
  7. Play By The Rules
  8. Keep It Simple and Consistent
  9. Provide Information Relevant To The Job
  10. Reply Only To Jobs You Believe You Can Book

Do you have any tips for creating stand out proposals that work for you? Share with a comment!