Quantity over quality?

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It might be that things have changed and I missed the memo.

It seems to me like the number of well paying jobs has dropped off a lot, we pay their platform fees and they offer less i.e people requesting work and offering considerably less for our lifetime. Today I saw a 2hr 26minute 40sec job request posted for under 300usd

At this stage, I do not see myself resubscribing as I get a better return for my money with my defi savings account lol... what's the general vibe out there?


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    I have noticed that too, however since I am new to VOs so I am trying to give it a decent chance. After 38 audition listens I was finally shortlisted! My first one! I Must say I was very excited, I hope I get the gig!

    When I first signed up I had 1 week left at my job and there were over 160 jobs......of course I auditioned for as many as I could and of course most clients dont listen when your number 73 auditioning! So most of them were already decided. after clearing all those out, yes I see a very significate drop in all jobs not just the good paying ones

    I am not ready to give up on Voices yet....HOWEVER read my post about wav files and CS....

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    Hi there, @raymondelee.

    For starters, thank you for your feedback.

    The price ranges, types, and number of jobs offered are dependent on clients seeking talent for their projects.

    When it comes to the price of a job, you are strongly encouraged to bid what you feel is right and fair. Use the ranges provided as a guide instead of a limit. Going over on your quote price doesn't automatically disqualify you from a job.

    If you'd like to send an email to [email protected], our team is eager to hear about your experiences and continue to build a better platform for talent to use and succeed on.

    (Note: Your original post has been edited to remove a pair of references that violate our community TOS)

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