How Do You Unwind When You Need To?

Andrew Zuber
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Pursuing a creative career -- especially while working from home -- has its obvious advantages. Being able to audition in your bedroom closet or put together a project in your kitchen can feel like incredible freedom, but as a lot of people have discovered in the last year and a half sometimes the line between working from home and living at work can get blurred.

When you're feeling like you need to step away from the screen and recharge your batteries, what do you do to unwind and take your mind off of the grind?

For me nothing beats a quick 5K jog followed by a cold drink on the balcony (counterproductive? who cares haha) with my laptop closed and put away out of sight out of mind.


  • mred3000
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    Practicing solving my rubik's cube is a nice diversion. I'm no speedster, my time is still around 5 minutes. I'm also learning that if I'm in a rut, or "hit a wall" and it's getting late, it's best for me to cut off the computer and start again fresh the next day - if time is not a factor.