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  • baryrosa
    baryrosa Member, Voices_Premium
    First Comment

    This has been a long time coming!! Congratulations - at last!

  • velaneyssa
    velaneyssa Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Invocador, felicidades!!!!

  • alhelialheli
    alhelialheli Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Deseo que todos podamos apoyarnos.

  • sumnertetomo
    sumnertetomo Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    hello all, just joined this amazing community. im very new to voices.com so im looking forward to learning from you all. And hopefully in turn helping others as well.

    Sumner, Brisbane AUSTRALIA😊

  • polycarpkevin
    polycarpkevin Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hello everyone, I just recently joined this wonderful community and I hope I learn and earn greatly from all of u.

    Polycarp from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • godselect
    godselect Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Great to be, and am excited to be here. I hope to learn a lot from this forum. Sincere regards.

    Ude Odiakosa from Nigeria

  • carlosevr
    carlosevr Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Encantado de pertenecer al mejor grupo. Espero aportar con mucho aquí. No se si exista más latinos. Pero estoy para darle con todo.

    Carlos Verdezoto

    Quito, Ecuador

  • patriciareginadasilva
    patriciareginadasilva Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Ola meu nome é Patrícia queria que vcs mim ajudece mim dizendo como fuciona e como faço pra trabalhar nesse sait 😘👍

  • lizbecky
    lizbecky Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hola. Recién me he unido a voices y he sentido inmediatamente la calidez de la comunidad. Me siento afortunado de pertenecer. Deseo aprender, estar muy atenta y poner mi granito. Muy agradecida.

  • chriselle
    chriselle Member, Voices_Premium
    First Comment

    Hi all! I'm Christian from the US.

  • alexandrabrown
    alexandrabrown Member, Voices_Premium
    First Comment

    Hi everyone -

    I'm Alexandra (but you can call me "Alex" :-). I'm very new to Voices so will be looking to learn and share as much as possible. I live in Toronto. Thanks.

  • sarahmaebmercado
    sarahmaebmercado Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hi, looking forward to learn and earn here!

  • ilsesoto
    ilsesoto Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hola a todos, me acabo de unir a voices, mi nombre es ilse, soy de Chile, tengo muchas ilusiones de aprender y ayudar en lo que sea necesario.

    Hello everyone, I just joined voices, my name is ilse, I am from Chile, and I have many illusions to learn and help in whatever is necessary.


  • erohjohn
    erohjohn Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hi guys

  • shelomechpinnock
    shelomechpinnock Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hello Everyone, My name is Shelomech Pinnock and I am interested in Voice Over work. I am from Canada.

  • paolaandreaalvarez
    paolaandreaalvarez Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hola a Todos soy Paola Andrea soy de Panama

    y estoy súper emocionada empezando este nuevo proyecto ... saludos y todo lo mejor !

    Hello everyone, I'm Paola Andrea, I'm from Panama
    and I'm super excited starting this new project ... greetings and all the best!

  • yerarr
    yerarr Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hola gente, recién estoy entrando al grupo, con mis hermanos nos la pasamos haciendo voces de personajes que nos gustan 😁 soy de Tierra del fuego (Argentina)

  • Holaa, buen día mi nombre es Neftalí, soy de México y estoy emocionado por empezar un nuevo proyecto mucha suerte y saludos a todo el foro

  • naledisophazi
    naledisophazi Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hello everyone

  • aundread
    aundread Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hello 👋 I’m new here.Any tips on getting picked for a voice assignment?

  • addildriouechelmarabet
    addildriouechelmarabet Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hola, soy nuevo aquí.

    Estoy empezando a buscar algún trabajo pero no me deja seleccionar el idioma.

    Busco hacer locuciones en español, pero parece ser que solo me deja en inglés...

    ¿Alguien me podría ayudar?

    Muchas gracias :)

  • ownalumapak
    ownalumapak Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Kumusta kamo? (how are you all?) happy to join here

  • shannonmsimpson
    shannonmsimpson Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment


    my name is Shannon. I am looking forward to working with some of the companies.

  • blessingratidzomqongo
    blessingratidzomqongo Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hi everyone, I'm Blessing and I'm new to voices. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning from others in the group. So glad to be part of this growing community.

  • kenyamjones
    kenyamjones Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hey everyone, super excited in joining voices 🤩. I can't waiting to further my knowledge and grow with everyone 😊

  • godoyarturo
    godoyarturo Member, Voices_Guest
    First Comment

    Hi everyone, I'm from Guatemala and I'm totally new to this world. Actually, it took me a while to venture into this world which seems quite amazing indeed, it is just that it's not the same to hear your own voice while through years friends have told you that you actually have a nice voice. Gosh, well, here you have me giving it a shot, already learning a lot and of course looking forward for more learning and sharing! Cheeeeers!

  • markofthewild
    markofthewild Member, Voices_Premium
    10 Comments Name Dropper 5 Likes Photogenic

    What is the point system for? the one you see when you sign in to the forum