100% Voice-matched.100% Perplexed.

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Hi everyone!

I've been on Voices.com now for about 5 weeks. I regularly submit auditions, and if I'm lucky enough, I've had some listened to. These are my stats, so I'm not sure if it's a good indicator.

  • Auditioned: 30
  • Listened to: 15
  • Shortlisted: 4

On Wednesday, I received my first 100% Voice match the other day. This had not happened to me before. Without fail, I went to the booth, laid down my audition, and hit send. Today, I checked the audition's progress so far and noticed the client had completed the job. I'm confused a little. Why would someone 100% voice matched not seriously be up for consideration? I've only been in Voiceover circles for a short time, so still learning the trade. Based on this experience, I'd like to understand a couple of things...

  • Do clients get similar info/stats on VO Talent for bids as we do for auditions, for compatibility, etc.?
  • Do clients have a certain threshold of how many auditions they should hear before offering a role for a VO?

I'm having the best time being a part of this industry and enjoying the complete randomness of potential work that is out there for the taking. So I'll work hard but have fun at the same time.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above, particularly if anyone from Voices.com is reading this. Hi there, by the way! 😀




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    Hi Wkwilliams I'm new to Voices, and I need your help. I'll be so gratefull to have some of your experience and how to improve my self in this field to have a good reputation and give my best as I can to my clients and even have their confidence.

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    Hey there @wkwilliams! Thanks for your detailed post, and really encouraged to read you've been enjoying the journey and giving it your all in a new industry.

    Before I go a little deeper: your stats are looking good! A common thing you'll hear from our most experienced talent is that auditioning and booking is a numbers game. It can take a lot of auditions to begin regularly landing gigs, and that you've started landing on shortlists is a great positive step that you're on the right path.

    For some more details about how the VoiceMatch™ system works, here's a great resource: https://www.voices.com/help/knowledge/faq/voicematch

    Audition wise, clients review auditions at their own pace. Some will listen to each one, but there are numerous reasons why your audition may go unlistened, including:

    1. The client may not have started reviewing audition submissions.
    2. The client may not have reviewed ALL submissions at this time and is still going through the casting process.
    3. The client may have listened to a number of submissions and already made a hiring decision. At this point, they would not be likely to review additional submissions.
    4. The client may have fulfilled their casting needs elsewhere and will not review further submissions. Clients in this situation are encouraged to mark their job as Completed or Cancelled so that talent are made aware that the job will not be moving forward.

    Hopefully this provides a little bit of information, I'd be happy to answer more questions in further detail if I can.

    All the best with your recording and auditioning,


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    I’ve submitted 315 auditions. Short listed for 13 of those. No gigs.

    I work in radio… I voice spots almost daily- with positive feedback from clients.

    I don’t get it. Not sure what I’m missing here. But it’s very discouraging.

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    Thank you @Andrew Zuber for sharing some reasons for why clients may take longer to make a casting decision.

    Thank you @wkwilliams for taking time to ask your question and for sharing about your progress. For the numbers you stated, that is really good. I wanted to add my .02 to one of the questions you asked. Every client is different, including whether or not they have a threshold for how many auditions they listen to before making a casting decision. Depending on how well attuned their ears are to what they are looking for, it doesn't take very long (or very many at times) auditions to know. Speaking from my own experience,

    Thank you for jumping in, @mostafahammani. Good to see this thread is of interest to you!

    @radioblaine87, wonderful to see you! Congrats on getting many of your auditions shortlisted. Are you auditioning for all kinds of voice over jobs (a variety of genres of VO work), or are you focusing on a niche/voice work that you'd book regularly off the site (i.e. radio spots or station IDs)? I'd love to provide more feedback, and your answer to this question will help me do that. Thanks for joining the conversation!

    For everybody (hang tight, this is long!):

    Why Else Might a Client Take a Long Time to Cast?

    Life happens!

    We need to remember that clients are people too, and that life happens! Family emergencies pop up, the pet needs to go to the vet, there's COVID home schooling going on, meetings upon meetings at their job, and the list goes on.

    The first step is the biggest step, and clients need to breathe

    Posting a job to get auditions in the door is an accomplishment in itself. It took a lot for them to get to this stage as voice over is usually one of the last elements of a project that is hired for before their overall project (be it a film, commercial, etc.) is completed. Now that the job has been posted, they have the freedom to move on to other tasks and responsibilities until they are ready (and need to) review the auditions for that particular job that they are managing. This is likely not the only VO job they are managing at the time and there are a lot of moving parts in a production.

    Auditions are short, but the client busy

    While your audition may only be :15 long and doesn't take forever to listen to, remember that the client is likely working on other projects or addressing something more urgent that has come up. Many clients have good time management skills, some even choosing to schedule in when they will return to listen to auditions and advance in the casting process.

    Be objective about your talent and be selective with your auditions

    One of the best ways to improve your audition-to-booking ratio is to audition for jobs that you believe you have a solid possibility of booking.

    You need to learn how to think and listen like a casting director. Ask yourself, "What are they listening for based on the job posting requirements?" "Do I match this to a T" or "If I had an agent, would they send me on this audition?" An agent will usually put you forward if they believe you have a strong chance of booking the job. They don't want to waste the CDs time and make a bad impression.

    Being objective about your talent will save you from submitting to jobs you aren't as well matched to and also reserve your energy for the auditions that best reflect your talent, skills and desire to complete. When you do book a job, you'll be pleasantly surprised! Let that be the way.

    Send it and forget it

    My best advice to you is to send it and forget it. Don't think about a job you just auditioned for or let it linger too long. If you're meant to book it, you'll book it.

    Focus on the things you can control

    I once heard a casting director say that your job as an actor starts and ends when you send in the audition. That is so true! Shortly after that, I watched La La Land (2017) on a flight, scribbling down takeaways midair that includes learnings from the film and also the casting director's wisdom above. I hope you find this article both useful and entertaining.

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    @ekgabriel , very very nice stats! how long did it take you to get there?


  • timbrefox
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    Hey your stats are better than mine

    140 auditions submitted

    94 listened to

    4 shortlisted

    0 gigs

    ...also quite dejected at this point but I keep trying.

  • ekgabriel
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    @markofthewild I've been on Voices since 2011

  • markofthewild
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    @ekgabriel 9 years! It looks like I have my work cut out for me then!