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Hi voices community! So far I've been on voices for 2 months now and I only have DIY demos. I can't afford a professional demo yet but I am planning on getting one done in the near future. For those of you who have a professional demo what has your experience been like on voices now that you have it? And who would you recommend to go to for a professional demo? Thanks!


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    I just write and create my own. You can source royalty free music from bensound if you want music backing them. My last ones I just put up today were just ideas I had in my head, write some copy and give 'er. Not sure if that helps.

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    A great point above, and if you're stuck on writing your own or not sure what to say for your demos, Voices provides a trove of sample scripts of all kinds to use for demos or just practice your technique:

    If you're not ready to put down the money for a professionally made one, recording new demos regularly is a great way to get practice and continue building your skills as a voice talent as well as improving producing your own audio which is a great skill to have when you're auditioning and trying to book jobs.

    Best of luck recording, I'd love to hear from some more community members that have had professional ones done!

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    I have 2 professional demos and they have made the difference for me. I worked with coaches on all of mine and it was not only a great tool but a fantastic learning experience to grow as well! I would recommend looking around and finding coaches that you feel comfortable with for demos. I can recommend a few that I have worked with and loved while not breaking the bank:

    $ Gina Scarpa:

    $$ Anna Garduño

    I wish you the best in your voice over endeavors!

  • Andrew Zuber
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    Great tips, @masonsvo! Can't ever say enough good things about investing in coaching when you feel ready to take that next step.

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    Making your own samples is fine if you're just using them on Voices.

    If you want to branch out and market yourself elsewhere, you'll need a professional demo.