Give a opportunity to new artist , because of doing this, a industry can get new artist in minimum cost, and get new ideas, creative legends, and many more ...


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    This is an issue with new artists and new voices in particular.

    They try to undercut everyone because they are new and think that if they do something at a stupidly low price they'll get work.

    The honest and real way to get work:

    Have a great setup that you've invested in and spent time learning how to use properly. If the sound is great, then you'll get work.

    Learn your craft. You should be reading out loud every day for at least 20 minutes. Watch adverts on TV and listen to the VO, most people just skip them but it's your living!

    Get a GOOD coach if you can afford it, someone with a good studio that GETS WORK. Never trust a coach that doesn't have a proven solid portfolio of their own VO work.

    NEVER price low. All this does is cheapen the profession, depending on where you are based or what you are doing stick to the industry standard rates.

    Remember, once you become known as a cheap voiceover, you'll always be a cheap voiceover, and you'll lose work when you try to increase prices.

    Bottom line. Persevere. I've been though periods where I've had to turn work down or recommend fellow VO's because I've been so busy. I've also been through 6 and 7 month periods with zero work.

    It's a hard industry that is the best job in the world when you have work and the worst when you don't. It's not for everyone and sometimes it just doesn't work out. But all you can do is give it EVERYTHING (and I promise it will take that and more).

    The people that do well in this industry are the people that are here for the long term and the people that put the work in. Not people that come looking for a free meal ticket.