Words you struggle with most

Andrew Zuber
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We got some great responses to this on social media, so I'm curious to hear what you all have for an answer.

What is that one word you always struggle to pronounce on your first take?

I know I personally couldn't properly pronounce specificity on the first try no matter what was at stake.


  • ganbeck
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    For me, it's anything with an "s". I have something of a lisp that is on again/off again. When my mouth is particularly dry, my tongue feels really thick and it becomes more pronounced. Some people say they don't hear it in my speech, but I always hear it.

    Growing up, I was so conscious of it that I learned to "edit" my speech on the fly in a way that minimized any words with an "s" whenever possible. I would use a word like "great" instead of "super", as an example. I still do this unconsciously when I talk.

    I've been fortunate enough that almost all my clients allow me to make minor edits to the copy (sometimes they request it), so I try to swap out "s" words if I think they will trip me up :) It's a cheat....I know 🤣

  • will_marney
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    The word Excited or Exciting gets me every single time! I always end up saying Eggcited or Eggciting....

    I'm pretty much guaranteed to get this wrong on the first take and normally two or three takes after as well. I hate that word! And it's used in SO MANY Scripts! :D

    Then I normally like to make myself over aware of it for a take or two which ruins the rest of my read and then after I've wasted time doing that I like to finally get things right. :)