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Hey everyone! I'm new to the VO scene and I have a question about slating. I've read and seen multiple statements regarding slating but there definitely doesn't seem to be any consensus: Should I slate my audition unless the client says not to?

Thanks for any help and advice!



  • will_marney
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    This is a tricky one and something that comes up a lot.

    I think people tend to fall on either side of the fence here and there isn't really a wrong answer.

    I'm in the camp of not slating my auditions, but I feel like even if I did then I probably wouldn't on anyway as a lot of auditions tend to ask people not to slate.

    I suppose one could argue that most clients don't care unless they specifically ask you to slate or not.

    I realise that doesn't answer your question but a slate is not going to make someone more likely to book you in my opinion.

    To slate or not to slate, that is the question!

    And honestly, the answer is whatever you feel most comfortable doing. :)

  • ekgabriel
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    Only slate when specifically asked, especially on the "pay to play" sites. Why waste the "valuable" ear time with your name....I haven't slated (unless asked) in years.

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    @justinharrisvo42, thank you for posting and for asking about slating. It's a good question.

    Thank you also to @will_marney and @ekgabriel for joining in the conversation. Excellent to hear from everyone so far!

    On Voices, you do not need to slate as your name is right beside your audition (that, and clients are not expecting you to slate). Slating is more common in the talent agency world or if you're interacting with a casting director in person. If a client requests a slate, be sure to provide one, but unless it is asked for expressly, just submit the best read of the copy that you can.

    Another reason why talent are discouraged from slating on Voices is because slates take away from a consistent listening experience for the client.

    Here's an in-depth article on slating. See if there's anything in here that is helpful to you!