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I just wanted to share a great big positive that happened to me recently.

I joined Voices in July 2020 and only booked six jobs out of 850 auditions over that first year. I was really on the fence about renewing my membership, but when the renewal date came, I had the money in the bank and I figured I would give it one more year. My original debit card had expired and Voices sent me a notice that they couldn't process my renewal, so I went online and entered a different card, and everything was fine.

A few days later, I got a phone call from Evan Wiebe from Voices, following up because he'd been notified that my renewal hadn't gone through. We got that straightened out right away, and he when he asked if there was anything else he could help me with, I kind of jokingly said, "Well, I sure wish my win rate was higher." Then Evan took the next 15 minutes to go over my profile, listen to my samples and recent auditions, and take a look at my statistics, with the takeaway that I simply needed to be submitting to my best matched jobs sooner.

I took his advice, and for the next two days I tried to record and submit auditions in the 90%-100% Voice Match range as soon as I saw them come in. Here are the results:

Of the 11 auditions I submitted, 9 have been listened to (for an 82% listen rate); 5 have been shortlisted; and 2 were won, for a total payout of $2,140!!! I'm still in shock. 

Evan is my hero for going the extra mile and taking the time to help me figure out the system better. It's definitely been a game-changer! I'm putting all my VO earnings toward the down payment on a house my husband and I are just starting to build, so just this one tweak has already put us a lot closer to our goal there. And it's convinced my husband that building a sound booth into the office is a must! :)

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    Love to hear this, thanks for sharing! I will be sure to pass along your thanks to Evan as well.