Anyone feel like they are not receiving as many audition opportunities lately?

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I feel like I've gone from receiving at least two quality audition opportunities per day to maybe two per week now. Is there some sort of reason I may be getting less? I haven't changed my features/settings or anything like that. Seems like things changed when Voices added on the Translation, Music, and Audio Production categories.

Just wondering if anyone else is feeling like this is happening to them as well.


  • suefarinacci
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    So I wanted to say thank you to Evan from Voices for not only calling me back after my post but for also going into my settings and changing my Language setting to not only English, but North American accent. Within minutes of him doing that, I received an audition where I'm a 70% match!

    Great tip I didn't know I should do when setting up my profile, hoping this can help someone else out too!

  • Andrew Zuber
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    Thanks so much, @suefarinacci! I'm glad Evan was able to reach out, and thank you for sending this question in to us here on the forum.

  • rehamelnagar
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    اريد تقدم اختبار

  • apolk
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    I emailed support about the very same thing

  • timbrefox
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    I notice BIG time! I usually have 10-20 per day and this past week has been more like 4 per day. I feel something has happened behind the scenes here. The site is drying up. I DID try to submit this to support via email but even that is not working. it says "sorry, cannot be submitted at this time, try again later." I've gone from having a constant 100 auditions in pending stage to having 60...and dropping. Can anyone please shed some light on this please.

  • kjack151
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    Wow! I thought it was just me. In fact, I was going to post a recent audition to see if maybe something is wrong with my sound quality that I'm not hearing. Heck, I'm not even getting any likes and that's unusual.