How much to charge?

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I would love to get some feedback on how everyone decides what to charge when submitting auditions. There is normally a range: $100-$249, $250-$499 etc... and I use the Rate Card suggested by Voices when determining. However, sometimes there is a higher budget offered that is more then the Rate Card and I'm always a bit nervous to submit on that higher budget.

I don't want to submit too low (and seem desperate) but I also don't want to go too high and miss out because someone else went low :)

Would love to hear your thoughts!!


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    Do what you are happy working for (but don't bid under their asking rate). Rule of thumb I use: if there bid is over the rate sheet/more than I'd bid, I bid the low number on the range. If it's a bit low, but still within my "want" I hit the high number or near it. Don't overthink it. Bid what you feel it's worth. The client will always field a range of rates when posting. And yes, when it's been a slow month, I absolutely "widen" my what it's worth category!

  • @suefarinacci This is a great topic, thank you for starting it!

    Under-bidding generally not a successful tactic for a number of reasons. Reputation wise it can give the impression that you are a less valuable talent, and also drive down the asking price in the future for similar projects.

    An interesting thing to note is that roughly 1/3 of projects on Voices end up going for a higher rate than the range being quoted. To put it frankly: If you're good enough, clients will generally be happy to pay to get the quality they want.

    Ultimately @ekgabriel is right as usual: Quote what you would be happy working for, and what you feel you are worth. Clients care more about getting the quality of the project right than anything else.

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    Thanks for your feedback! Totally agree on under-bidding, I never go in under the budget. Was really just wondering when it makes sense to go ahead and "go for it" if their budget is actually higher then Rate Card.