What should be included in the Demo Reel?

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Hello Folks!

So glad to join Voices Community. I wanted to ask out of experience. In the demo reel, should I only include jobs that I did or can I also include voices I know how to do?

Would appreciate your input on this. Thank you


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    Most demo reels are a combo of finished projects and produced pieces done specifically for the demo. Starting out, most of the spots on my demo were produced specifically for the demo...then as I did more "paid" gigs I swapped some out. As far as "including voices you know how to do"... have several demos (voices has a great list of demo reel types, i.e. commercial, narration, character, etc.). So in the commercial and narration have a variety of "energies" to show your range.

    Best of luck!

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    Hey, @omniabassiouny!

    Great question. Historically, the demo reels of Voice Actors were the same as on stage/screen actors - compilations of previous work. Nowadays, it's more important to include 'characters' or voice types you can easily manage based on your vocal range and abilities at any given time so you are showing the client exactly what you can deliver for their project. Demos nowadays, need to showcase relevant voices you can do as well as voices that are being hired for in today's market.

    Listen to some recent radio or TV commercials online and jot down some notes - what do you hear? What type of voice/character is the actor reading as? What are your personal vocal strengths? What type of voice challenges you a little bit?

    These questions are super helpful in understanding the voices you want to have on your demo. Note here, be sure not to mix different demo spot types together i.e. narration spots with commercial spots. Have one commercial demo, one narration demo, one video game demo, etc. Though, as a beginner, you only need a commercial demo to get started - commercial demos showcase the very best of our range and abilities and those voices are highly sought after.

    I hope this helps! If you'd like to talk about this more, feel free to email me at [email protected]