Foreign Accents and Suitability

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Hey everyone,

I'm quite new to Voices and voice over in general but I was wondering about natural foreign accents and their suitability, especially on this site.

Now obviously there's a need for all accents in all kinds of different voice over work.

However, I've largely noticed that many jobs here specifically deal with American companies and a good amount of those specifically requesting American accents.

I myself have a sort of British RP - and was wondering even if I work on my skills and technology would that really be suitable?

Has any one found success with non-American accents?



  • ekgabriel
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    You may want to try Bodalgo

  • Andrew Zuber
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    Hi @alphawhale ! We have a fairly strong contingent of European based talent as well that find success with any number of accents. More versatility is always a good thing! The popularity of certain styles and reads will always change depending on trends and client needs, but it's definitely an extra arrow in your quiver to be able to add authentic accents to your reads.